Some Tips to Care for Your Straw Hats

A straw hat is delicate, especially genuine Panama hats, so never handle it by its crown. The natural oils in our hands dry out the straw, and when the straw dries it becomes brittle and is more susceptible to cracking. Handle the hat by its brim, yes the oils still affect the straw in the brim, but the brim is much easier to clean and much less likely a spot for cracking to occur. Be sure to store your hat either in the box that you bought it in or in a spot that is away from sunlight. Never store a hat on its brim as this will affect its shape.

Genuine panama hats are made in Ecuador, from toquilla straw, and each hat is made with great care and by hand without any mechanical implements. Each one of them is unique, as the process to make them is extremely  labour-intensive.

There are some tips to tell you how to keep your panama looking great for years to come:

  1. Only buy a panama hat with a sweatband, which helps keep your hat in place and prevents it from stretching out. It also prevents it from scratching your forehead.
  2. Don’t wear it in the raindays or waters can cause the straw to lose its original shape.
  3. Only handle the hat by its brim.
  4. When resting your hat on a table, rest it on its crown (upside down), rather than its brim. As well, when hanging it up, make sure the peg rests on the sweatband, not the straw.
  5. To clean it just with a soft bristled brush.
  6. When you’re not wearing it,please store it in its box or in a dry, cool place.
  7. When your hat is misshaped and not just how you’d like it to be,you may check out our tips on how to re-shape your straw hat!

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